My Cat Wants To Know

My Cat Wants to KnowJoe Wilcox published the unexpected book, exclusively available from Amazon, in October 2013.

The germ of the idea comes from social media. In May 2013, Wilcox posted to Google+: “My cat wants to know, as do I, why Chromebook Pixel treats my Sony MDR-1BRT Bluetooth headphones as unsupported?”

Journalist Ian Betteridge commented: “I think you should have a new series of ‘My cats wants to know…’ posts, Joe 🙂 ”

With cats so popular on the Internet, “Why not an ebook?” Wilcox thought.

My Cat Wants to Know features the work of 20 photographers, with their art set against 25 oddball and informative questions. The book is a quick, light read that tickles the fancy with dramatic and proud felines rather than cliché cute kitties.

Discover when cats came to North America, why Mars isn’t the Red Planet or which U.S. states have the most feline households. What could be better than photos of cats?

Review copies are available are available upon request. Please email joe at bunnybows dot com.